川路 庸山
Yohzan Kawaji



・After having learned Arita ware making, I go to visit it and mention a technique to Seto ware and Tokoname firing, Kyoto ceramic ware. I go over to Mexico by the invitation of the acquaintance, and be involved in local ceramic art writer and culture and deepen the pursuit to the sense of own afterwards.
・Assume an art museum the beginning; is a private exhibition in a department store and the gallery of the Japanese top-class. Ginza Matsuzakaya, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Tokyu Shibuya culture village.
・The request production that works of the Japanese major company.
・Vase production of the House of Representatives Hall.
・The container production of the party guest of various entertainers.
・I collect the pictures of children such as Japan or Brazil and I picture it as a design and change it into a container and sell it and contribute profit.


・Writer specialized in porcelain
・The space rule with one or the work that the work which I dealt with passes to the hand of others and occupies presence in harmony with the space, and to show.
・It is traditional and “KUZUSI” in addition to making it precisely and the harvest is slim and produces it and searches pleasure of the soil. *KUZUSI=destroy
・By the way of moving of work and own, I want to make an opportunity widening pressure, pleasure and a view of the world to image to “the child’s mind” of the person of appreciation sensuously of visual, molding it.


・Potter’s wheel molding
・ceramic panel molding
・Solid thing molding
・Picture charge account by the color
・Cutting groove